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New horizons with BCI devices

Get information about your cognitive and emotional state in real-time using neural interfaces.


Neiry Headphones

Wireless headphones with a neural interface that can track your emotional state, control your fatigue levels and increase productivity.



Neiry Impulse

Pico G2 4K virtual reality headset with a detachable neural interface.

Create immersive mind-controlled games, interactive learning quests, and more.


Neiry Headband

Multi-purpose, easy-to-use, and affordable device with a neural interface in the form of a headband to measure how you’re feeling emotionally and mentally


Neuro tattoo

Cyberpunk style

Neurointerface of the future. Shows all the information about the state of your brain without any wearable devices.

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Use gadgets with neural interfaces to increase your productivity, for your entertainment, work and business

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Advanced Devices

We create affordable and easy-to-use neural interfaces to make your life better and easier.

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